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  • #RexRoarReads

    Got something you want The Rexecutioner to say? Post it out with the hashtag #RexRoarReads and you might hear from the Lion of Iron himself.

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  • Meme Art

    Featuring the dumb Apes, the tyrannical ModBots, and Rex Roar himself, here are some images for your memeing pleasure. 😂

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  • Rex Roar Filter

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  • Lazy Shooter

    Non-Canon, First Appearance Of Rex Roar In Mobile Gaming Form.

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  • Virtual ROAR Store Filter

    Scan The QR Code Above. Visit An AR, Virtual Roar Store-Front. Directly Upload To Instagram Or Save For Social Sharing.

  • Non-Official LL Guess Who

    Download The Files Below. Print Out On Cardstock. Laminate. Cutout. Insert Into Your Existing Guess Who Game And Enjoy!

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